The long experience with styles from MPB to hard rock and from bars to opera led Daniele Krauz to produce her first solo work. Her mezzo-soprano voice resembles Tarja Turunen, but she seeks a unique identity joining the techniques coming from the classical study and the interpretation of the classics of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.
Professional singer and teacher of vocal technique since 2006, she has participated in the assembly of an opera, choirs, partnerships with singers and composers of MPB and blues. All this assured her a versatility in styles and techniques that are exploited both in her classes and in her compositions and interpretations.
Numerous partnerships in compositions and the work of vocal coaching with bands and soloists aroused the need to produce work that would allow a more thorough expression. After recording the EP Insight (2014), Daniele managed to find musicians who have given life to DKrauz band. Music is the engine that unites and drives the band, it's a lifestyle.

Since its debut in Rock Christmas festival in December 2014, in Guarapuava, DKrauz band has had the collaboration of great musicians and other bands.
The songs of the band DKrauz require a lot in technical and musical knowledge. The compositions of the lyrics and music are by Daniele Krauz with arrangements from several collaborators, which provide the creation of melodic lines that incorporate several metal lines.

EP Insight

EP released on Sep 6, 2014
Ficha Técnica
Selo: Unsigned
Gêneros: Rock, Metal
Data de lançamento: Sep 6, 2014
Lyrics and music: Daniele Krauz
Drums - Alessandro Kuster
Keyboards - Evandro de Souza
Guitars, acustic guitars, bass - Tiago Mosh
Recording, mixing e masterization - Alessandro Kuster
Design  - Rayssa Machtins
Photography - Ellen Karolynne
Heaven Kuster Estudio
Guarapuava - Pr, Brazil
July 2014 to August 2014
Produzced by Alessandro Kuster

The four songs released in the EP Insight are all in between Progressive Metal, Melodic and Gothic. They were recorded in Heaven Kuster studio and produced by Alessandro Kuster, between July and August 2014. The  teaser It was released on September 6, and then the EP was offered for sale online.